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Dr appt went well. Midwife just wanted to see how my social life was. I had mom in the room with me. We heard the heart beat. Still a strong 150 bpm. I asked mom if she was excited and she said a little. Huge step for her!! On the 26th I have my ultrasound!! Hope the baby cooperates so I can find out the sex. All very exiting!!! Wish one of the two men would step up and act mature...yeah right. I got my friends and thats all that matters!!!

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Dr appt tomorrow. I think it's just to see how I'm doing mentally. With everything going on with ken and my immediate family.


I blocked Kens number from my phone so he can't text me. So far so good.


My clothes are starting to get real tight. Frustrating!! 23.5 weeks to go.

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Another Blog

I created another blog about what goes on in my cab. Some confessions and conversations that take place! I think it will be entertaining!



Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
My mother


. : START : .
1. Name: Sheila
2. Middle Name: Ruth
3. State: Massachusetts
4. Place of Birth: In a hospital
5 Male or Female: Female
6. Hometown: Woburn
7. Bus: short bus
8. School: American Career Institute
9. Occupation: Cab Driver
10. Initials: SRT
11. Screen Name: srtoomey
.. Your Appearance : .
12. Hair Color: Reddish
13. Hair Length: short
14. Eye color: Blue
15. Best Feature: Eyes
16. Height: 5'7
17. Braces?: I used to
18. Glasses?: Yes
19. Freckles?: Yes
20. Diploma?: Yes
. : Your Firsts : .
21. First kiss: 16
22. First best friends: Pam, Liz, Katie
23. First Award: Don't remember.
24. First Sport You Joined: Softball
25. First thing you did today: woke up
26. First Real vacation: Cape Cod
27. First thing you said today: don't remember
28. First Love: Joe
. : Favorites : .
29. Movie: Office Space, Super Troopers, Juno, The Help
30. TV Show: Greys, House, My Stange Addiction, COPS, etc
31. Color: Pink
32. Rapper: None
33. Place to get groceries: Stop N Shop
34. Food: Italian
35. Season: Summer
36. Candy: Pay Day or Reeses
37. Sports: Football
38. Restaurant: 99s
39. Friend: Alison
40. Store: Target
41. School Subject: English
42. Animal: Orca
43. Book: Too many to list
44. Magazine: Cosmo
. : Currently : .
45.Doing before you started this survey: Pogo.com
46. Feeling: Ok
47. Wearing: PJs
48. Crying about: men
49. Eating : nothing
50. Drinking: nothing
51. Dreaming: Im awake
52. Typing: this
53. Listening To: nothing
54. Thinking about: Him
55. Wanting: Him
56. Watching: the screen
. : Future : .
57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Who the fuck knows.
58. Kids: I hope
59. Want to be Married: Yes
60. Career in Mind: Medical Assitant....
. : Which is Better with the Opposite Sex :
61. Sport: Football
62. Shirt: doesnt matter
63. Hair color: dark
64. Hair length: short, clean
65. Eye color: dark
66. Measurements: ummm big :-p
67. Cute or sexy: Cute
68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
69. Hugs or Kisses: Both
70. Short or Tall: Tall
71. Easygoing or serious: Both
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both
73. Good or Bad: Both
74. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
76. Harley or Crotch Rocket: Harley
77. Two or One: One
. : Have You Ever : .
78. Kissed a STRANGER: Yes
79. Had major surgery: Yes
80. Gone commando: Yes
81. Ran Away From Home: No
82. Broken a bone: No
83. Got an X-ray: Yes
84. Been on a cruise: No
85. Broken Someone's Heart: Yes
86. Dumped someone: Yes
87. Cried When Someone Died: Obviously
88. Cried At School: Yes
. : Do You Believe In :
89. God: Yes
90. Miracles: Yes
91. Love at First Sight: No
92. Ghosts: Yes
93. Aliens: Yes
94. Soul Mates: No
95. Heaven: Yes
96. Hell: Yes
97. Answered prayers: Yes
98. Kissing on The First Date: Yes
99. horoscopes: Sometimes
. : Answer Truthfully : 
100. Is there someone you wish you had? No


Time for a NEW IMPROVED Sheila

I took the dive and joined a gym. I used to belong to Planet Fitness but I wanted some place where I could work out without having men glare at me. Plus Ken works out at Planet Fitness and that would be even more stressful. I joined Today Fitness where the old Ballys used to be. They had a new member deal. Plus I have a personal trainer once a week. I plan on taking some classes as well. In the Fall of this year they are adding on a Womans Only section to the gym which I am excited about. Makes it less stressful with out big jocks walking around. My Healthy Fit in Cummings Park closed and all their members joined this place. 

Im also going to get some nutritional information from my trainer as well. I start tomorrow before work. I will be sore but at least I sit in a cab all day. I cant wait to get started actually and have a workout routine. I may even have to buy a iPod shuffle. I was gonna wait to get the iTouch but who really needs it. The shuffle is like less than $50 now and I just need some workout toons. 

Im looking forward to this. I want to lose this tummy. Effexor XR makes the weight stay on. I think I shall go to Old Navy tomorrow morning for some workout clothes. WOOT!

Also the trainers don't believe in diets and say I can still have my favorite foods!


Writer's Block: Get in my belly

What is your mother’s specialty dish? In other words, what food makes you salivate at the thought of it?

My moms Apple Pie!!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: A novel idea

Which book would you want to see turned into a videogame?

The Hunger Games

Writer's Block: Vehicles, too!

If you could turn into a automobile of any kind, what would you choose, and why?

I would like to be a Transformer!

Thanks Nicole....

Name: Sheila
Date of Birth: March 21
Birthplace: Winchester, Ma
Current Location: Woburn, Ma
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde
Height: 5’ 6
Piercings: None
Tattoos: small shamrock on my right ankle.

Band/Singer: Don't really have a favorite.
Song: A lot
Movie: Super Troopers, Office Space, Shawshank Redeption,
TV show(s): Grey's Anatomy, House, COPS, Shark Tank, Law and Order:SVU, IT Crowd, Family Guy, etc
Color: Blue, Black, Pink, and Green
Food: Italian
Pizza topping: CHEESE
Ice-Cream Flavour: Coffee
Drink (alcoholic): None
Soda: Coke
Store: Old Navy, Target and Borders
Shoe Brand: whatever
Season: Summer
Holiday/Festival: 4th of July
Flower: None
Make-Up Item: mascara
Board game: Scrabble

This or That...
Sunny or rainy: Sunny
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla.
Fruit or veggie: Both.
Night or day: Night.
Sour or sweet: Sweet
Love or money: Love.
Phone or in person: In person.
Looks or personality: Personality.
Coffee or tea: Tea.

Goal for this year: Get finacially stable
Best physical feature: Eyes
First thought waking up: Crap I slept late again.
Preferred type of plastic surgery? None
Sesame street alter ego: Ernie or Oscar
Most stupid remark: hahaha
Worst crime: speeding
Greatest ambition: To live a happy life (by my standards).
Greatest fear: Being an old cat lady
Strangest received gift: a duster.
Worst habit: slacker

Do You...
Smoke: No.
Drink: No
Curse: Occasionally.
Shower daily: No
Like thunderstorms: No
Dance in the rain: I have.
Sing: All of the time to myself..
Play an instrument: No.
Wish on stars: No
Believe in fate: Eh
Believe in love at first sight: No

Can You...
Cook: I can follow a recipe....
Speak another language: I'm learning...
Dance: No
Sing: No but I do
Whistle: Yes
Curl your tongue: Yes

Have You Ever...
Eaten sushi: Yes
Been in love: Yes
Skipped school: No
Made prank calls: Yes
Sent someone a love letter: Yes.
Stolen something: Yes
Cried yourself to sleep: Yes

Other Questions...
What annoys you most in a person?: ignorance
Are you right or left handed? Right
What is your bedtime? 6am? lol
Name three things you can't live without: Love, food, air
What is the colour of your room? petal pink
Do you have any siblings?: an older sister 
Do you have any pets?: No
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? No
What is you middle name? Ruth
What are you nicknames? Cutie, SheShe, Tomby
Are you for or against gay marriage? Neither
What are your thoughts on abortion? Pro-Life
Do you have a crush on anyone? Nope. I love someone.
Are you afraid of the dark? No
How do you want to die? In my sleep
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten in one day? 4?
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Yes
What was the last law you broke? parking in a handicap space?

In a Member of the Opposite Sex...
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: whatever... Im dating a shorter man right now
Weight: Who cares?
Most important physical feature: muscles
Biggest turn-off: bad manners

This helped me to NOT pay attention in class. HAHAHAHAHA


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